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<Tsu Kazuyuki Store Story> Chunichi Shimbun

<Tsu Kazuyuki Store Story> Chunichi Shimbun (6) Yamani Vinegar, a manufacturing method that has remained unchanged for 130 years

Support #Agricultural products processing with traditional vinegar making!

Support #Agricultural products processing with traditional vinegar making! Yamani Vinegar Co., Ltd. is amazing!I asked President Iwahashi #Mie Prefecture #Vinegar #

How to make all-purpose Chinese chives

Chicken shabu-shabu, ramen, egg over rice, udon noodles, soba noodles, boiled tofu, etc.And it's so easy!It's very healthy with plenty of vinegar, so please try making it!

How to make freshly boiled chicken

I made a refreshing boiled chicken using chicken wings and "Oishii vinegar".It's very healthy because it uses a lot of vinegar.Please try! Oishii Vinegar https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4007616 How to make red and white eggplant https://youtu.be/lMnwUYvaRQQ

dried sardine vinegar ramen

I made a soup with chicken bones and dried sardines, and made a healthy ramen topped with sake lees char siu and green onions.
The point is to add vinegar! !

How to make red and white eggplant

I tried making red and white vegetables using "Oishii Vinegar".
I made osechi namasu using daikon radish, carrots and persimmons.
Super easy to make with "Oishii Vinegar"!
Please try it!
Click here for "Oishii Vinegar" https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4007616

How to make super easy and delicious coleslaw

I made coleslaw with only cabbage and carrots.The point of cooking is homemade mayonnaise and yogurt.Feel free to adjust the amounts of each to taste.I think it's better to squeeze out as much moisture as possible from the cabbage.Click here for homemade mayonnaise recipe https://youtu.be/tfccx6IursY

How to make seasoned vinegared egg

I made a seasoned vinegar egg using sushi vinegar and Worcestershire sauce as a secret ingredient.It's very easy, so please try it. Click here for Ryotei Sushi Vinegar https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4024157 Worcestershire sauce used as a secret ingredient https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4029056

mushroom peperoncino

I made this because I wanted to eat mushrooms Aglio, Orio, and Peperoncino.I can't get enough of the scent of mushrooms and the deliciousness of garlic.It's delicious with pasta, but today it's a side dish of rice.Adjust the amount of salt and pepper to your liking.

How to make yakisoba and seasoning a 6mm thick iron plate

How to make yakisoba5:23~ I received a 6mm thick iron plate, so I will make yakisoba using homemade noodles.Before that, I seasoned the iron plate.I happened to have the timing when the iron plate arrived and the timing when I cooked the yakisoba.The taste was very good though!The sauce used for the yakisoba is Yamani's yakisoba sauce.If you have this, you can't use any other source. https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4029088

how to make chinese noodles

I made my own ramen.The difficulty was that the steamer was small and the noodles stuck together.I hope I can do better next time.Recipe (for 3 people) 200g cake flour 100g cake flour 100ml water salt 2.5g baking soda 2.5g 1 egg potato starch a little salt sesame oil a little

Home Halloween "Temari Sushi"

Would you like to enjoy making Temari sushi at home for Halloween?You can easily make temari sushi using plastic wrap.The video starts with how to cook rice, so if you want to see temari sushi first,6:50Please take a look around. Click here for "Ryotei Sushi Vinegar" https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4024157

Hot and sour soup noodles with chicken pork bone broth

I made chicken and pork bone soup with chicken bones and pork bones, and made black sour hot soup noodles with that soup.5 hours to simmer the soup.A very delicious soup has been completed.Using that soup and Yamani's "Kurozu", and the homemade chili oil that I made the other day, the black vinegar hot soup noodles are ready.Preparation started at 5 in the morning, and I managed to make it in time for lunch.Click here for Yamaji "Kurozu" https://yamani.thebase.in/items/4024049

I made chili oil with 100% sesame oil.

I made chili oil with 100% sesame oil and ingredients I had at home.In the future, we plan to upload vinegar cooking recipes using this chili oil.looking forward to!

Making ponzu sauce and boiled tofu with green yuzu from the garden ②

Last time, I made ponzu with green yuzu from the garden, and this time I made boiled tofu and ate it with that ponzu.Please understand that I have my own way of making soup stock.If you haven't seen the previous article on making ponzu, please see ① first.

Making ponzu sauce with green yuzu from the garden and boiled tofu ①

I made ponzu with seasonal green yuzu in my garden.I made dashi using kelp, shiitake mushrooms, and bonito flakes, and spent about three days between work making it.I tried shaving bonito, which I'm not used to, but I think it's awkward (laughs).

Making potato mayonnaise with sushi vinegar

Ryotei Sushi VinegarI made potato mayonnaise.
I think sweet and delicious handmade mayonnaise and boiled potatoes are the most delicious.
Please try!

Fermented with brown rice and koji

We make "vinegar moromi", which is the base of vinegar.
It's been about two weeks since preparation,
Fermentation is still going on.
It's still a long way from becoming vinegar,
I am making good progress.

I made vinegared cabbage!

I made vinegared cabbage, which has been a hot topic recently, with my Oishii Vinegar.

Super easy to make!

Put the hawk's claws in the shredded cabbage, then pour over our Oishii Vinegar, put it in a Tupperware container, and leave it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to complete ( ^ω^ )


It's healthy and delicious! 

How to make Mine vinegar torone with mushrooms and tenderloin

Minestrone using our product [Oishii Vinegar]
With plenty of low-salt vegetables, you'll be addicted to the acidity that will help you get through the cold.


Helping the 6th industry using fermentation technology

 At Yamani Vinegar, we will use the vinegar fermentation technology that we have cultivated since our founding to help you with agricultural products processing (processed food).Please feel free to contact us, as small lots are possible.

FoodTaipei Gin-VineDessert made with Yuzu!

Cooking demonstration using Gin-Vine Sweet Yuzu at FoodTaipei held in June 2016. Using Gin-Vine, we have created a delicious and mature dessert.The recipe devised and the chef is Mr. Kenji Inamura, who is active in Taiwan.The whole story is in Taiwanese, but the recipe is posted at the end, so I think you can do it easily.Please try it!

Making beloved sauces that have been passed down over many years

We started manufacturing "Worcester sauce" in 2007.
Inheriting the recipe that has been loved for many years,
Manufactured with all our heart.
We would appreciate it if you would give us the same patronage as vinegar.
This is part of the manufacturing landscape of that sauce.
Please have a look.

With everyone in the world "Aoge Aoge!"

The important thing when making sushi rice is "aogu".
Everyone in the world enjoyed using Ryotei Sushi Vinegar.
"Aoge, Aoge!"
In Milan version and from Malaysia version.

How to make Thai sausage with Ryotei Sushi Vinegar

We exhibited at Thaifex, an international food exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand on May 2015.
Among them, it is a scene when a Thai chef made "Thai-style sausage" using our "Ryotei Sushi Vinegar".
I didn't even think of sushi vinegar as Thai food, but depending on the place, the food, the ingredients, and the way it is used will change.Food is profound.

Miho Takahashi is here!Discerning producer edition

July 2012 Yamani Vinegar was introduced in Tsu Cable TV ZTV "Miho Takahashi no Soko!"
Order-made seasoning from 100 liters
Original Drinking Vinegar Support for the sixth industry
We at ≪Yamani Vinegar Co., Ltd.≫, with the vinegar brewing technology cultivated over 130 years since our establishment and the desire to explore "deliciousness", we strive to create products that can meet the diverse needs of our customers. We would like to be a company that thinks about what must not be changed and what must be changed, and never rests on history, always boldly taking on challenges with a venture spirit. Through the vinegar that we make drop by drop, we will provide our customers with a healthy diet and deliver a "delicious smile" that appears before you know it!

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