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Oishii Vinegar
Product name: Gin Vine Sweet YUZU straight type

The stimulation of ginger and the rich flavor of yuzu are packed into a mellow vinegar.
The popular "Gin-Vine Sweet Yuzu" straight type is now available.
You can drink it as it is, so why not start your vinegar life easily?
A [good for the body] vinegar drink.
Oishii Vinegar
Product name: Oishii vinegar

Using a brewing method that has been passed down since the company's founding, Yamani's traditional vinegar is fermented and matured slowly over a long period of time, giving it a mellow and deep flavor, combined with apple cider vinegar that has a fruity aroma, lemon juice, and honey. Whether you use it for cooking or mix it with water as a drink, it is healthy and delicious!
Product name: Delicious relationship between ginger and vinegar Gin-Vine

Gin-Vine is a delicious drink that combines ginger, which warms the body, and vinegar, which soothes fatigue. Enjoy it with cold mineral water or carbonated water in the summer, and hot water in the winter. 3 flavors (Sweet Yuzu, Sweet Honey, Sweet Apple). Enjoy it any way you like!
Product name: Date Palm health vinegar drink "Dates Vinegar"

Dates Vinegar dates are Date Palm.It has been valued as a sacred and mysterious fruit since ancient times and is highly nutritious.I made the dates into a very easy-to-drink vinegar drink.

Drinking Vinegar Gin-Vine Series

Drinking Vinegar Black vinegar series

Drinking Vinegar Health-conscious products


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