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Company Exterior

Company Exterior

Greetings from the President

Kuniaki Iwahashi
A dining table full of smiles and hearts!

Through the vinegar and other products made by Yamani Vinegar,
we contribute to a bright, rich and healthy diet!


Welcome to the Yamani Vinegar homepage.

We have been brewing vinegar since 1887 in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.
Our brewing method is characterized by slow fermentation and slow aging.
Using sake lees from local sake breweries as the main ingredient,
We make "easy-to-drink vinegar" that is mild on the palate and and has its sour edge removed.

In recent years, the needs of our customers have diversified along with the changing times, and we are also taking on new challenges every day, and we are also manufacturing sauces and various liquid seasonings.
Rather than resting on our laurels of history, we consider what should and should not be changed, and aim to be a company that boldly takes on challenges with the Venture spirits in our hearts at the time of our founding.

And through our products, the customer's dining table is full of smiles,
We will contribute to a bright, rich and healthy diet.

● Fifth generation presidentClick here for the blog!

Company Profile

■Company NameYamani Vinegar Co., Ltd.
■ Location514-0811 2476, Tsuoki, Akogimachi, Tsu-shi, Mie
■ Phone Number059-225-2321
■FAX number059-225-2302
■ Company RepresentativePresident Kuniaki Iwahashi
■Establishment DateEstablished in 1887: July 20 / Founded in 1925: October 4
■ Number of Employees13 people
■ Business Areas(1) Manufacture, wholesale, and sale of vinegar, sauces, and liquid seasonings (2) Internet shopping (3) Real estate rental business
■ BankHyakugo Bank Head Office Sales Department, Daisan Bank Tsunan Branch

Our History


[Address] 2476, Tsuoki, Akogimachi, Tsu-shi, Mie
[Transportation] About 15 minutes on foot from JR Akogi Station / About 3 minutes on foot from Enmadomae bus stop

▼Please feel free to contact us

TEL. 059-225-2321
Yamani Vinegar Co., Ltd.
2476, Tsuoki, Akogimachi, Tsu-shi, Mie
FAX: 059-225-2302

●Manufacturing and sales of vinegar


Yamani Vinegar (Yamani Vinegar Co., Ltd.)


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