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Industrial Products

We have many industrial products that are active in various scenes.

Recommended Products

■ Product name High-grade vinegar 1800

 We added a slightly delicious seasoning to the mellow brewed vinegar that was slowly aged. It can be used for various dishes such as vinegar, marinade, and sushi.

 □ Ingredients: Brewed vinegar, sugars (sugar, high-fructose liquid sugar), salt
Sushi vinegar
■ Product name: Original mixed sushi vinegar

 We will make sushi vinegar according to your request.Kansai style, Kanto style, with kombu dashi, with kurozu, with apple cider vinegar, etc.Please contact us first.

■ Product name Brewed vinegar 20 liters QB tenor
 Commercial-use brewed vinegar made from Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake as the main ingredient.You can use it in various situations.

 □Name: Brewed vinegar
 □ Ingredients: Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake, alcohol, salt
 □ How to save: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature
 □ Expiration date: 2 years from the date of manufacture


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