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Vinegar Drink black vinegar series

Black vinegar drink carrot
  • Black vinegar carrot
    Black vinegar carrot
    • Black vinegar carrot
Black vinegar drink carrot
■A product name: Black vinegar drink carrot
■It is the black vinegar drink that nourishment and the taste of the carrot were jam-packed. Please enjoy the fruity taste that I do not think that I do not appoint it. You weaken it to around 4 times with mineral water and the carbonated water which you cooled coolly, and please drink.
■Raw materials: Carrot, the U.S. black vinegar, cider vinegar
■Inner capacity: 200 ml
■The expiration date: From a production date one year
■Capacity, load look (JAN cord)
 □200 ml of bottle X 20(49798060908185)
■Product size: 60*60*220
■Case size: 320*260*260
■Case weight: 10.2 kg
SOAP EXCEPTION: Err: Licence not valid Msg: Licence is expired
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