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The brewing vinegar Tanikaze
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The brewing vinegar Tanikaze
■A product name: The brewing vinegar Tanikaze
■A characteristic: As for the Vinegar born in traditional brewing, """the taste and" the fragrance and" the acidity" are mellow. The Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake of the main material squeezed local brew of the local Mie. Please use it for vinegared food, Chinese food, a base of sushi.
■Raw materials: Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake, alcohol, sugar, salt
■The expiration date: From a production date two years
■Figure, load look
 □JAN cord: 1,800 ml of bottle X 6 (4979806625280)
■Product size 103*103*400(1800ml)
■Case size 268*395*435(1800ml)
■Case 19 kg in weight (1,800 ml)

▼1,800 ml of brewing vinegar Tanikaze purchase is this

▼Please send the inquiry to the following phone number.
A phone number: 059-225-2321
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