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The brewing vinegar Akogi
  • Akogi
    • Akogi
The brewing vinegar Akogi
■A product name: The brewing vinegar Akogi
■A characteristic: The Vinegar of the Yamani tradition to make with the brewing which I inherited since founding 1887. The Akogi is the brand name which came from the place name of the location of the Yamani Vinegar. I spend time luxuriously, and fermentation is tasteful as I let you mature and is mellow taste.
■Raw materials: Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake, alcohol
■The expiration date: From a production date two years
■Figure, load look
 □JAN cord: 900 ml of bottle X 12 (4979806608252)
■Product size 75*75*285(900ml)
■Case size 280*370*300(900ml)
■Case 14 kg in weight (900 ml)

▼The brewing vinegar Akogi purchase is this

▼Please send the inquiry to the following phone number.
A phone number: 059-225-2321
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