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Vinegar to use for dishes

In this pop pop
  • In this pop pop
    In this pop pop
    • In this pop pop
In this pop pop
■A product name: It is 900 ml in this pop pop
■A characteristic:
It is the seasoning ponzu vinegar which is full of the fragrances using the citron from Tokushima. Please use it for a hot pot and sushi, grilled fish, grated roasted meat, Japanese-style salad.
■Raw materials: Is this brewing soy sauce, brewing vinegar, citron, bonito, and a saccharide, citrus fruit fruit juice, seasoning (amino acids)
■Capacity, load look (JAN cord)
 □900 ml of bottle X 12 (4979806006041)
■Product size: 75*75*285
■Case size: 280*370*300
■Case weight: 17.2 kg
■The expiration date: One year

▼Please send the inquiry to the following phone number.
A phone number: 059-225-2321
SOAP EXCEPTION: Err: Licence not valid Msg: Licence is expired
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