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Citron dressing
  • Citron dressing
    Citron dressing
    • Citron dressing
Citron dressing
■A product name: Citron dressing
■A characteristic: I used Vinegar and the citron from Tokushima which spent time, and were made by the brewing which had been inherited since its formation in 1887. The fragrance of the neat citron and the Japanese-style dressing of the mellow Vinegar are good affinities with not only vegetables but also fishery products, meat.
■Raw materials: The brewing vinegar, glucose fructose liquid sugar, citron fruit juice, edible plant oils and fats, fermentation seasoning, salt, kombu extract, dried bonito extract, black pepper, seasoning (amino acids), a thickener (processing starch) (in a part of the raw materials including the soybean)
■The expiration date: From a production date one year
■Capacity, load look (JAN cord)
 □300 ml of bottle X 20(4979806505216)
■Product size: 57*57*210
■Case size: 320*260*260
■Case weight: 11.4 kg
SOAP EXCEPTION: Err: Licence not valid Msg: Licence is expired
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