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Blog Yamani Vinegar of the fifth generation president



"80 years note" of 2 daimokuseichiro draft came out

The draft notebook of "the Yamani Vinegar 80 period" of the president was found for the second generation when I arranged a company.

I can know our history that was not so correct to some extent so far in this.

There was the southeast sea earthquake in December, 1944, and it was what was listed as one storehouse collapsed that was surprised to see a note most.

There was surely an earthquake when I check it in a net, but dekan kuchirei is pulled in wartime and is that an earthquake is not known too much.

Naturally I do not know the late fourth generation, too either.

Besides, only as for knowing it for the first time.

Thanks to this draft, I was able to list the history of company in the homepage.

"Huh, it may be contents called ..." for other people,
It is a treasure for me.

I had you publish it in the Nikkei-style

I had the NIKKEI STYLE top page carry it on board
As the challenge of the well-established company of Mie, I had Nikkei-style publish it. It is serialization for what three weeks.
I have a master write the project with the person of another job by the corona evil about a relation with the district made a small business and another job, a side business.
As it is PR of Japan Management Association, I do not know till when you are published, but please see it by all means!

As it was Halloween, I cooked playing handball sushi

 It is Halloween on October 31.
Halloween of this year is "to spend time from prevention of coronavirus infection in a house",
This video made "Halloween playing handball sushi".
Of course I use "the Ryotei Sushi Vinegar",
When I intended that what would like, the material thought that the salmon was good,
When I go shopping in an early-morning supermarket to make other than it what,
As there was almost nothing, and there was the only "red snapper,"
I thought that it was this and did so,
Well, any kind of ... ... which is something a little more
Having jumped into eyes in this "Japanese beef!"
In a thing called this, I grilled beef and picked you up.
This is the taste of the large correct answer!
"Japanese beef is the best!"
I could cook the rice with a pan tastily, too and, more than an appearance, was a taste with more than of assumption.
Please see it by all means!

Fruit is Yamani Vinegar made with vinegar of the Mie one after another today

In us, the sixth of farm products works on trust processing for several years
I process various farm products into Vinegar and Vinegar Drink, dressing by a request of the farming family from each places of the whole country.
Vinegar in particular, the production of the Vinegar Drink make full use of the fermentation technology that they cultivated in us for many years,
I make the favorite products of the customer (farming family).
Besides, I put energy one by one and make it as it is handmade.
It takes effort very and takes time, too,
The sixth that there is not elsewhere enables the making of product of becoming it.
"I right make your thought a form".
The farm products that the sixth is interested in becoming it, please feel free to contact us from this page.
Meanwhile, a blueberry and a strawberry arrived today.
As for this blueberry as for the strawberry
I will prepare it from now on and put energy and ferment → I mature!
The Yamani Vinegar online shop is this!
I would like the Instagram ← four low
I would like the Twitter ← four low

It is kokususan*yumen with chicken pork bones plain hot water

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