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Tie up three sho bottles; brewing of vinegar Yamani Vinegar of the Mie

Autumn to deepen.

It will be Tsu festival today tomorrow.
I am anxious about weather.

Vinegar to dedicate to city Kishima Himekami Corporation nearby
It linked three sho bottles with a string.
It is not good
I can just carry it in this.
We are at former Ise Highway of Tsu-shi
As the festival car which I purified in the morning in Yahata, Tsu shrine goes along former Ise Highway, we work it out and are doing reputation.
Many miniature shrines and festival cars go.
It is a pleasure, but is worry as weather is bad today.


By the way,
Yesterday two students of Mie University
In checking the export of medium and small-sized businesses
I came to us for coverage.
It is a second grader with two people. Young!

I talked in various ways,
An approach about my export of the small business
Did you serve as a reference? . .

As it is that there is announcement of the learning,
Announcement should go well!





Disheveled hair while sleeping. . . Brewing of vinegar Yamani Vinegar of the Mie


Autumn to deepen.

Tsu-shi is "Tsu festival" this weekend.

As I help me a little,

I went for the meeting last night.

"Disney parade" comes over this year!

I help with the guard of the parade.

The public performance is Sunday, October 9

Because you see it happily, I want to guard it well!

I take the information of "the Tsu festival" from this!

By the way, have university students report in about this spring

I found a thing at that time having become the article.

It is a page for the job hunting,

Please see it if good!

I want you to see it,

My surplus disheveled hair while sleeping is bad,

As hair is crumpled

Thank you for your understanding (laugh)


Inter-ship & job hunting information for Mie Univ. student which a local strategic center runs


I perform the challenge that founding is new in 1887

Sannizosukabushikikaisha state

2016.4.1 improves

A Yamani Vinegar vinegar online shop!

I exhibit this year! Brewing of vinegar Yamani Vinegar of the Mie

The first international Agricultural products processing EXPO 
I exhibit for "the first, international, an Agricultural products processing EXPO" held at Makuhari Messe until Friday for from Wednesday, October 12 to 14th. He/she exhibits the third year when I count it from a next-generation agriculture EXPO.
The customer who is interested in the Agricultural products processing which utilized a fermentation technology of the Vinegar come by all means!
Our booth number is 17-40.
I can apply for the complimentary ticket from WEB. You click the logo mentioned above and enter the sponsor page, and apply.


A venue: Makuhari Messe
A session: 2016.10/12 Wednesday -14 Friday
It is finished at 17:00 only on Friday on 10:00~18:00 14th



A Yamani Vinegar vinegar online shop!

Brewing of vinegar Yamani Vinegar of the Mie which finished KansaiFair

Kansai fair in 13-day Kuala Lumpur was finished!

It is Kai Qi and Adeline of the promoter who was taken care of. As words do not go, I am not popular at all when I do not borrow their power. Kai Qi is the second following last year. Adeline seems to be 18 years old. I did all two of them concerning a university student. Thank you!
A Yamani Vinegar vinegar online shop!

Vinegar to take, Yamani Vinegar of the meal Mie during an overseas special event

A meal during the special event in foreign countries is a trouble.
As it costs money when I think that I want to eat Japanese food, I eat an as possible local thing.

The corn that I bought the left at a convenience store.
A bag opens out and can just eat. I blanch the taste and lose in comparison with length, but am somewhat delicious.


The mysterious food that the right was wrapped in newspaper. It is like the rice cake such as the potato. . . The taste is more delicious than an appearance. I hang source and Chile of the miso and eat. As it is a present from the next promoter, I do not know the price, but think that probably it is 2 ringgit (50 yen).

For another three days, I try Kansai fair hard while enjoying such a local cheap food!




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