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I return home once    Vinegar to take Yamani Vinegar of the Mie

I stay in Kuala Lumpur on 4th and return home once. As Kansai opens a store fair in Isetan KLCC from 16th, I come immediately again, but will go back next week as few want to do the work that in the company.

I kill time in Starbucks until the time for airplane. In Starbucks of Kuala Lumpur, he/she classifies the name into a cup, but is always wrong. Such name was written as Sukuni somehow today (laugh)

When finish check-in early, and go to imigure; a long line. As the staff relaxes without minding it, the tourist without the time is irritated. As I was able to afford, it was all right, but how about an airport taking 1 hour or more for the departure? I thought of this. There is not such a thing all the time.

There were several sets of pairs of mother and the baby for some reason from Ho Chi Minh of the transit, and young mother and baby sat down next to me. I have baggage having heavy all. But each parent and child do not seem to be acquaintances, and does everybody sit down separately? ? Besides, all Japanese is the enjoyment. I intended to wonder, and to hear it, but stopped it. There will not be nothing including some circumstances. . .

Such; is like this; is arrival at Centrair at half past 7 a.m.!
It is ... thank you

Brewing of vinegar, Yamani Vinegar of the business talk society in KL Mie


Yesterday is business talk society in Kuala Lumpur.

It was hosted by JETRO and was performed at a renaissance hotel.

I prepare with the meeting with the interpreter in the morning. From the afternoon with six is going to have a business talk.
The interpreter learned at a university of Kyushu and was the Malaysian man who did an engineer in a Japanese big company. I return home and found the company and I import used large motorcycles from Japan and seem to sell it in Malaysia. The large motorcycle seems to be doing the double of the price of Japan concerning duty, but seems to be popular. I only said that I was anxious about economy coming off.

Six plans were business talk society of JETRO, and the business talk had common cancellation at the last moment two, and it was in four companies. It does not lead to making a promise, but will do the exchanges by the email without the interpreter by business talk continuation from now on with four companies.

Malaysian second day "triple Vinegar to take, Yamani Vinegar"

The Malaysian second day.

Thunder like Malaysia roars last night
I have woken up many times.
As I do not usually have umbrellas because of rain in the morning either
I thought what I should do,
It was good to stop at time to leave the hotel.

Today is orientation of JETRO.
A venue is renaissance KL hotel.
As it is the hotel where I have stayed at three times,
I was able to come smoothly on foot to a venue.


It is the seminar about the general condition of the Japanese foods market in Malaysia.
A talk of the difference between Japanese and Chinese immigrant remained in the impression in that. When the Japanese network was weak, and Japanese sometimes frustrated you whether a Japanese liked single life whereas people of the overseas Chinese had a strong network between Chinese immigrants in all countries and exchanged the various information and they cooperated each other and put success, I came to Malaysia, and the lecturer for 20 years said. I surely think so that it is so including own reflection. I sell Japanese foods in All Japan. I want to challenge market expansion for such a spirit! I thought so.

I ate today's lunch by a seminar by chance on a terrace of Chinoz of same business partner and KLCC. Thank you for the delicious meal!



I forgot to take it, but carbonara, a business partner had laksa me a photograph besides.


I move to Isetan by inspection afterwards.
I was holding Aichi fair.
I say hello with the person who is taken care of in Isetan in a sales floor.
There were several promoters who knew it and learned my face.
By baby talk "Next week "    I told with "I'll come back." and returned.

It will be finally Kansai fair next week!

1st "triple brewing of vinegar Yamani Vinegar" of the movement

It is 1st of the movement today from morning.

By high speed ship of 7:00 from Tsu to Centrair.
It is breakfast in Centrair.
At the sky which often goes today "an eggplant tempura set meal"
Tamago kake gohan is delicious!

Before breakfast, there was a slight event in the check-in counter of the airport.
It is aviation in Vietnam to use.
I go to Kuala Lumpur via Hanoi.
It is aviation in Vietnam, but a person of ANA works as the receptionist of the check-in. This happening quite often.
However, the person saying "please receive the baggage once in Hanoi."
I confirmed it and said to the staff nearby, "after all the baggage give me a receipt once in Hanoi." again so far when I asked it to thought as I experienced the Hanoi transit many times saying "there is not that I did such a thing so far".
Indeed when harass it once again as thought "how long would do it like that?"; "please wait a little. I seem to confirm it to the boss.
There is not the receipt of the baggage in Hanoi, and I finally become clear, and what he/she takes to Kuala Lumpur is settled one after all. But I think that it is not me and panics in Hanoi where the words do not know if it is a visitor making Hanoi transit for the first time.
I forgot what airport it was before, but two pieces of same tickets from the departure place to the transit place have been handed though you must provide two pieces of tickets from the transit place to the destination when from the departure place to the transit place. I confirm it by chance and had you reissue it immediately as, "what's this," I thought, but am slightly scared when what happened in a transit place when I do not notice it or thinks.
As think that is in "anything" in the bank counters, and did the experience that a person thinking that there is not the mistake possibly makes mistake of in succession recently, think that is with a reception desk, or put too much confidence in a window that is not good; nowadays. . .


By the way, the photograph is Hanoi transit.
The terminal is updated, too and is beautiful.
I feel nostalgic for an old small terminal.


soshiteyoyakunandakandade arrived.
It is a convenient hotel near KLCC.
KL since April. It is somewhat the feeling that came back.
Be told that jika heat is prevalent before departure to a wife
It is the preventive protecting against insects that I valued in Centrair.
But a mosquito is already in the room of the hotel. . . .

I try business of the Vinegar hard in Kuala Lumpur from tomorrow!

That is the weekend; "brewing of vinegar Yamani Vinegar of the Mie"

Good morning!
It is rainy on Monday.
Typhoon 12 approaches!

It is the repair work of the storehouse on Saturday
A carpenter came.
A rotten beam was broken, and a roof fell down.
In substitution for a rotten beam
I support a roof with a new beam and pillar.
It is an emergency measure,
This will be fine for a while.

As the whole storehouse is a building of the Meiji,
There are a lot of points needing such a repair.
I must repair it little by little. . .


There is Sunday in Tsu-shi
I went for "road station Tsu kawage" and "entertainment district course dynasty Tsu taste".


I have both shops sell our product.

Lunch had "morning Tsu taste vegetables curry" in a food court.
It is the curry using fresh vegetables shipped to Farmers Market.

It was delicious!


As I may part with Elysion which I got into for 11 years after having returned,
I arranged the inside of car. A new article comes out two cigarettes what; and Lucky (laugh)
Garbage for approximately one bag of garbage bag. How long do you not clean it? . .

I have my hair cut afterwards in Cut-A nearby.
A staff of around 60 years old here I
I call you "a general" (laugh)
I think that it is in "generals,"
True; keep it intact whether is good. 
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