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OEM trust processing the small lot farm products sixth

It is processed trust the sixth of farm products

I am given small lot farm products Food processing of agricultural products in trust!

A help of the Agricultural products processing of the Yamani Vinegar!

●Yamani Vinegar of founding 1887 prepares it!

●I make use of a fermentation technology since 1887!

●Does the processed food of farm products not give up becoming it?

●Production by the small lot (from around 100 kg) is possible!

●I help with a bottle, a label, the indication!

●Please leave the processing except the Vinegar!

It is a guide of the trust processing explanation booth exhibition the sixth

 In "the New Year's sale combination size exhibition of Ishikawa firm started on Friday, January 24, 2020 until Sunday, January 26," the sixth exhibits it in a consultation booth of the trust processing. Trust accepts suggestion of processing it, explanation, consultation the sixth of the farm products utilized the fermentation technology of our Vinegar. The customer with the interest come casually by all means.
A place: Ishikawa firm Asahi business Tokoro
   1389-1, Kamakazu, Asahi-shi, Chiba
A period: Friday, January 24, 2020 25th Saturday 26th Sunday
Time: 9:00~16:30
 I exhibit a booth in celebration city in Mie on the New Year of Iseki Poly-Tech Kansai central part Tokai branch office held in Messe wing Mie on Saturday on 18th on Friday, January 17, 2020, and the sixth accepts an inquiry of the trust processing and a question. The customer that the sixth is interested in processing using our fermentation technology come to the Messe wing Mie by all means.
The date and time: Friday, January 17, 2020 18th Saturday from 9:00 to 16:00
A place: Messe wing Mie 19-1, Kitakoujicho, Tsu-shi, Mie

Facebook page of the intern life


Agricultural products processing OEM trust processing topics

An approach of the Agricultural products processing trust processing of our farm products became the article

Mie oldness and newspaper
Mie oldness and newspaper August 11, 2016
"Matsuoka of the intern is playing an active part 
  Fruit, vegetables in Vinegar to take
    Offer Yamani Vinegar in a commodification farmhouse to aim" at

An approach of the Agricultural products processing trust processing of farm products became the article

Mie oldness and newspaper September 2, 2016
"Vinegar to take PR student strenuous efforts
  Employment experience-based farmhouse circumference trust reclamation in Tsu"
Made-to-order seasoning from 100 liters
Original Vinegar to take
As for the small lot production, leave it to me

Development suggests your product!
I undertake difficult small lot production for cost!
I help with the sixth industry - commodification!

Small lot production (from around 100 liters) is possible in order to meet a variety of needs of the customer.
I perform it until trial manufacture, production, delivery of goods consistently if you can tell me the hope of the product.
I do Kotobuki, and please consult with us about the customer to be difficult for the cost that the production of the liquid seasoning such as vinegar and processing vinegar, sauce, a source is troublesome, and is difficult in terms of time by all means!
I help with the commodification of the farm output product. Please feel free to contact us!

It is health-oriented and produces made-to-order Vinegar to take of the beauty intention!

How about "the Vinegar to take" of your store original?
To "the Vinegar to take of the new sense including "Vinegar to take" and health, the beauty material of the dessert type that I made use of fruit juice of the fruit in," various possibility spreads. At first please consult!

■Made-to-order seasoning results example for duties■
Make a liquid seasoning an octopus soaked in vinegar, ponzu vinegar, crab sukino stock, sea eel sauce, sauce of the kabayaki, drink vinegar, reckoning soy sauce for sushi, firefly squid pickling in vinegar liquid preparation, white prawns vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar liquid preparation to a stewed octopus liquid to season, sauce of the grilled fish, plum dressing, go sesushisu, sekiseifugo sesushisu, sekihigashifugo sesushisu, kimchi flavor liquid preparation, flavored with wasabi liquid preparation, fish vinegar, a liquid preparation for the small skin pickling in vinegar, a liquid preparation for the Namasu, dumpling sauce, sauce of the siomai, and bake the liquid preparation for soy sauce, a liquid preparation for the Mozuku vinegar, a chawanmushi liquid preparation, citron ponzu vinegar, a sea cucumber liquid preparation, the Yahata roll;, the sauce of the rice ball, as for the sauce, the Vinegar to take, the fruit vinegar of the firing, the onion dressing, the salt ponzu vinegar, the black vinegar drink, the pickled shallot vinegar, the preference source, the yakisoba source, the takoyaki source, the Worcester sauce, the pork cutlet source, is ..., ... tricklingly

■Original "Vinegar to take" results example■
As for the Vinegar to take of the mandarin orange, deep-ocean water I enter Vinegar to take, the Date Palm Vinegar, the entering beauty material Vinegar to take, it is ...

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TEL: 059-225-2321
Charge: Nishio, Iwahashi
An email: Please contact me than this
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Flow of the business

1. Inquiry

In us, I accept an inquiry by a telephone, an email, FAX, mail.
For more details, please see this.

2. It is made arrangements notification from us

I contact you than our person in charge within three business days if I have an inquiry.
I hope to make arrangements about contents, the request of the inquiry.

3. Sample request

Based on the contents which made arrangements, it produces samples in us and suggests it.

4. Business talk

I have a business talk including an estimate about the sample which I produced experimentally. In the case of the first business, I talk about the terms and conditions.

5. Order, product production

I take an order if I have you understand the contents of the sample and start production.

6. Delivery of goods

It varies according to the products, but delivers it from an order in around one week. When a fermentation aging period is necessary for Vinegar to take, I am necessary for - around two months for one month.
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