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■Brand name high quality vinegar 1800

 I made slightly delicious seasoning on the mellow brewing vinegar which let you mature slowly and carefully. You can use vinegared food, marinade, sushi for various dishes.

 □Raw materials :Brewing vinegar, saccharide (sugar, grape sugar fructose liquid sugar), salt
Sushi vinegar
■Brand name original alignment sushi vinegar

 I make up to the request of the customer and make vinegar. Cider vinegar cases with kurozu with Kansai wind, Kanto wind, kombu soup stock. At first please refer.

■Brand name brewing vinegar 20 liters QB tenor
 Of the brewing vinegar which spent time for a main material slowly and carefully, and prepared the Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake into is for business use. You can use it in various scenes.

 □A name: Brewing vinegar
 □Raw materials: Sake Kasu、(pressed)Sake Cake, alcohol, salt
 □A preservation method: I avoid direct rays of the sun and save it at normal temperature
 □The expiration date: From a production date two years


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