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Recipe of Miwa

Recipe of Miwa


Doll's Festival party♪

Good eveningStar

[delicious de vinegar Yamani Vinegar] It is MiwaDouble heart

The Doll's Festival of the March 3 this year

I made the feast of the celebration party with motherSmile

Doll's Festival chirashi-sushi♪ 

To the chirashi-zushi which mother cooked

  Of course I use "the restaurant sushi vinegar"Note

 Doll's Festival cake♪

And it is "the tart of the strawberry" which I madeCake

  I use custard and the fresh creamFlash

I baked the tart dough and did my best a littleScissors

  How. . . Really easyusshisshi

Then you are simple, and please enjoy the taste of the restaurant using ... restaurant sushi vinegarGood

 The order from this. . .

It is a home for taste of a sushi bar! "I make restaurant, Kotobuki vinegar"

Valentine ♪ . . . Every year annual many friend chocolate. . .

HelloFine weather

[delicious de vinegar Yamani Vinegar] It is MiwaRed heart

February 14. . .

It is Valentine's Day todayNote

It is made with common usage, meguchannotakusanno friend chocolate every year!!

 + this year with none of the favorites. . .

 + I businessSmile

HouseReturn hastily yesterday

I made supper mosotchinokedeOK

When I am to family use and parents; to a younger brother familyCake

                2013 Valentine ☆Ganache tart

I died it out of meguchanha heart and a chick

Chocolate brownieNote

Cookie of the ginger manNote

                2013 Valentine ☆Cookie & chocolate brownie 

Heart-shaped chocolate pieNote

                2013 Valentine ☆Chocolate pie


                2013 Valentine ☆Ganache

In a recipe brief all

Work and a school are over and are after

I have been able to make it so muchSmile

Besides, the ginger man cookie is the remainder of the tart cloth,

The ganache is the remainder of the ganache tart

Die a frozen pie sheet out of the pie,

I only hung granulated sugar and chocolateCake

I helped with gancho ttemeguchannoo. . .

 (it may be said that I made itakkambe)

I look forward to the sharing that I got from a friendSmile

"A lot of vegetables rolls for kimchi taste" (Vinegar recipe)

 Good eveningStar

[delicious de vinegar Yamani Vinegar] It is MiwaRed heart

The central product "kimchi taste" for duties

It is kimchi taste according to the name!!

It is jelly of the kimchi tasteNote

               Kimchi taste

On vegetables and fishery products, the tofu

To the source of the salad bowl. . .Shiningly

As it is correct, it is simple, and anything can do it one articleGood

One article to fit both rice and liquor 

"A good for kimchi taste made a roll"Note

               It is one article for kimchi taste♪ 

               For kimchi taste one article of "a lot of vegetables rolls for kimchi taste"

Cherry treeageo opens and paints with kimchi taste   

Four leavesThe favorite vegetables which I shredded
I surround agede

Cherry treeI bake it to stop it with a toothpick, and to become on a net lightly

Four leavesI take off a toothpick and serve it to a limit, a dish   

It is very easily one article of completionSmile

Please try itNote   


(^^) very rough how to make hail ...

Good eveningStar

[delicious de vinegar Yamani Vinegar] It is MiwaDouble heart

I cooked cubic rice crackers with mother the other daySmile

That it is the custom that you must make by Risshun. . .Snow

I take some trouble,

How to make is very easyNote


              The making of hail (plane with the rice cake)

At first it is the plane with the Upper arrowrice cake to play an active part

As a rice cake can be turned on in the recent home bakery

You may use that placeOK

What I made this time

Cherry treeThe hail that the sugar taste is slightly redCherry tree

Four leavesEntering slightly sweet black sesame yellow hailFour leaves

Cherry treeHail with prawnsCherry tree

Four leavesHail with Shio-konbuFour leaves

Cherry treeA lot of black sesame hailCherry tree

It is five kinds in totalNote

              The making of hail (I die and do)   

The yellow became the neighborhood; "died, and did", and attached a color with no fruitSmile

              The making of hail (rice cake making)

 If a rice cake waits with circle - bear, I add ingredientsFlash

FlagIn sugar taste for sticky rice of 3 sho

Sugar bowl one cup + salt tablespoon 1+ sodium bicarbonate tablespoon 1

Is it ingredients of + preference? (as for the sesame, little)

FlagIn saltiness for sticky rice of 3 sho

Salt tablespoon 1+ sodium bicarbonate tablespoon 1

Is it ingredients of + preference? (adequately)

I arrive better than a common rice cake afterwardNote

I dry roujininoshiteFlash

              The making of hail (expand)

rouji. . . A container to put a rice cake in. . .

I say in this way in this neighborhood

There seems to be way of speaking in various ways by a district! 

I cut it small if I dryFlash

Is moisture and others; if let's be, put it in the airtight container, and please save it.

If I put it in the bag of the paper and nuke

It is easily the completion of the hailSmile

It is delicious even if I fry it in oilNote

As I gobble all up in my home

I disappear immediatelySmile

If I dry and am completed, I improveShiningly 

It is "the cubic rice cracker" to learn it from generation to generation, and to cook of the country

It is very rough how to make

I think that I serve as a referenceSmile

After all it is "pork miso soup" in winter ♪ (delicious ♪)

 HelloFine weather

[delicious de vinegar Yamani Vinegar] It is MiwaDouble heart

It is delicious in cold winterNote

There is a lot

In one of the favorite things

"Pork miso soup" But, there is it!

    hokkori pork miso soup♪

I warmSmile

It is ingredients dakusande nourishment perfect score!!

Only unfortunately. . .

Yesterday's my home did not have a long leekDejectedly

A good fatal injury. . .Shock

But enter the favorite taro and champignon

Is happy; supposedGood

In a hot lunch of today's whole family

Of course "pork miso soup" entersSmile  

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